Monday, January 02, 2012

Volunteering in Uganda

    Ranked as one of the 20 poorest nations in the world, 50 percent of the population in Uganda lives below the poverty line. FSD has attempted to reduce global poverty by partnering with over 300 grassroots community organizations to provide community services to achieve the goal. FSD focuses on the following issues:
·         Micro-finance& Micro-enterprise: FSD engages programs that:
·         Supply capacity-building sessions that address budgeting, accounting, microfinance, management, and other small business subjects. Initiatives aim at supporting information sharing and networking between microenterprise leaders and those looking to develop small business skills.
·         Establish effective microfinance models that allow local clients to obtain loans for startup businesses, develop business plans, incorporate savings strategies, and invest in long-term enterprise growth.
·         Develop microcredit opportunities and provide vocational and/or life skills training for young entrepreneurs in rural communities. Initiatives aim at empowering youth with the tools needed to engage in the local economy.
·         EnvironmentalSustainability: FSD to provide support for programs and initiatives that:
·         Provide community outreach and trainings in farming, crop rotation, livestock rearing, food production, and vocational skills.
·         Create advocacy campaigns and increase community participation in proper sanitation practices, sustainable utilization of natural resources, and control of malaria and waterborne diseases. Initiatives shift environmental and health practices that affect everyday lives.
·         Advocate for policies, bylaws, and programs that enhance sustainable lake resource management (Lake Victoria).
·         Research and implement sustainable farming solutions and alternative income-generating activities that reflect environmentally sound principles.
·         Childand Maternal Health: FSD works to address health issues throughout the Jinja and Masaka Districts:
·         Train local community workers and educate communities to raise awareness on common diseases, malaria, prevention, and other health-related issues.
·         Conduct village-to-village public health programs that administer basic medical care, tropical disease treatment, counseling, nutrition, and reproductive health care.
·         Conduct follow-up assessments and research on the efficacy of subsidized mosquito net usage and the local treatment methods of malaria and other common diseases.
·         Provide medical treatment, care, and health education to orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs).
·         Coordinate projects that improve hygiene and sanitation in communities through workshop implementation, distribution of hygienic products, and installation of pit latrines in homes.
·         YouthEducation & Development: FSD works with local organizations to:
·         Teach adult and youth literacy courses focused on vocational skills development and life skills training.
·         Engage youth in the creation of dance performances, theater, script writing, and choreography aimed at raising HIV/AIDS awareness and supporting HIV/AIDS-affected youth.
·         Facilitate workshops with local youth on reproductive health, effective communication, self-esteem building, and positive decision-making.
·         Create sports-related clubs and activities that engage youth in confidence building experiences.
·         GenderEquity: FSD supports local programs and initiatives:
·         Provide training and sensitization for women's groups on management, financing, and enterprise development to increase independence and allow mothers to better support their families.
·         Create educational training materials on topics such as reproductive health, alternatives to high-risk behaviors, counseling, vocational skills, and self-esteem building.
·         Develop savings and microcredit opportunities to support the economic empowerment of women and discourage them from high-risk behaviors.
·         Organize media, theatre, and performing arts activities that promote the importance of good decision-making.
·         AppliedTechnology: FSD supports programs and initiatives:
·         Support the construction of primary schools, water systems, and sewage management. These infrastructure projects reflect community collaboration throughout the planning and building process.
·         Create and manage websites for local organizations to support information distribution and awareness building.
·         Train community members in areas of technical expertise and capacity building such as income-generating activities, life skills, nutrition, and youth development.
Working together at the community level throughout Jinja and Masaka, FSD provide our partners with grants and key training to ensure their goals are practical, sustainable, and minimize external aid dependency. To get involved with FSD, please apply for our International Internship Program or join our Giving Circle.